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This all started one day on a fluke.  BG Hickman was flying with us and on a whim I scribbled on the page and asked if he wouldn't mind posing with the sign.  He graciously accepted and in the spirit of fun I snapped the pic.  The rest, as they don't really say, is here....

The Original DPSLover

SPC Eddie Shamblin

CPT M Iwanicki
G6 1ID and CPT Calihan G3 1ID




1SG S Brown A CO 101MI Sacremento, CA

SPC Fulton A CO 2-1AVN Phantom

PFC M Benson HHC 1-1AVN Danville, VA

PFC D Hypolite A CO 121SIG BN New Iberia, LA

SFCs T Peaytt and SFC M Peaytt HHC 121SIG BN WV

Ashley Gilbertson Aurora Photos

PFC J Nigrelli 557thMedCO Sheboygan, WI

SGT S Boggess 557thMedCO Portland, OR

SRA B Cronk 2ndASOS Tuscon, AZ

MAJ M Hedegaard HHC4thBDE1stID Whitehall, MT

SPC Bailey HHD EngBDE Wurzburg, GE

MAJ J Quinn HHD EngBDE Wurzburg, GE

SFC H Hamilton HHD EngBDE Wurzburg, GE

SGT M O'Leary 283FD TC Fairfield, CT

SGT B Michaud 167thCSG Londonderry, NH

Fr. J Angotti 1ID Gary, IN

SPC A Rufin 9thENG Bham, AL

SPC R Schuetz HSC 601stASB Waunaku, WI

MAJ P Catanese 601stASB Sagamore, PA

COL A Zuleger 264th EN GP WIARNG

LTC C Paul 1ID ENG BDE Lipscomb, TX

MSGT C Nolan 1st Combat Cam Blaine, Wa

MSGT S Reed 1st Combat Cam Lexington, KY


It seems the Desert Photo SGT Lovers keep coming and coming.  Generally, of course, they don't have much choice when I shove the sign in their face and take the picture.  Lately though, we've been branching out here.  Charlie, I guess because we have the same moustache, has agreed to find more people who can't stay away from the website.  He's made his own sign and, I must say, found a few stellar people to add to the list.  Remember, though there might be people who make their living in the public eye here, these pages are dedicated to the troops who serve here in Iraq, who otherwise might be nameless and faceless.  As always, our undying gratitude goes out to all the men and women who serve in the Armed Service and those who support them.



LTC W Grigsby  Dixon Hill, MD

Mike McInnis  Virgina Beach, VA

SPC A Shields 415th CA BN  Calon, MI

SGT D Reid  415th CA BN  Kalamazoo, MI

SPC S Williams  601st CSD  GA

PFC W Travis  F 1/4 CAV  Petersburg, VA

SGM M Hickey HHT 1/4 CAV Pittsburgh, PA

MSG T Shippy F 1/4 CAV  Spartanburg, SC

R Parker  Derby, UK

Danni Leigh


Chalee Tennison


Vince Vaughn  Chicago, IL 

SSG W McGraw  HHS 1/33FA OH

SGT H Adkins  498th MedCo(AA)  OH

PFC J Rein  454th TC  OH

SGT J Quigley  HHS 1/33FA  NC

SGT A Jackson  498th MedCo(AA) Americus, GA

SGT D Quick  498th MedCo(AA)  Daytona Beach, FL

PFC K Armstong HHC DISCOM  Galveston, TX

PRC A Saunders  454th TC  OH

SPC D Handley  498th MedCo(AA)  Columbus, GA

SPC W Smith  498th MedCo(AA)  Columbus, GA

SA V Hally  286th CID  Philidelphia, PA

CW4 B Chmielewski  22nd MP BN  Schofield Barracks, HI

SGT J Harris  22nd MP BN  Katterbach, GE

LTC Jeff Harris  22nd MP BN  Ft Lewis, WA

MAJ J Metzger 4th BDE/1ID  Katterbach, GE

S Williams  Houston, TX

MAJ K Dorr  1-4 CAV  Schweinfort, GE

Sgt D Clark Jr  HHC 2nd BDE/1ID  Schweinfort, GE

SGT C Barrier D Co 2-1 AVN  Katterbach, GE

SPC S Olinger  HHC 1ID  Wuerzburg, GE

SSG C Pennington  1-77AR(TF1-18)  Schwinfort, GE

SGT W Glendenning  D 4/3 ADA  Kitzengen, GE

PFC A Beregi  A 1-77A(TF1-18)

SSG C Platter  HHC 1ID  Wurzburg, GE

LTC C Dean  Natick Labs  Natick, MA

CH(MAJ-P) W Kirby  HHC 4th BCT

MAJ B Nelson  MXIX-1 

CPT R Eyrish  NATO  Lynnwood, WA

LTC J Hash  NATO  San Antonio, TX

MAJ K McDonald  NATO  Bridgeport, WV

SGT A Mendoza  Stryker  Wenatchez, WA

SPC F Belgarde  Stryker Helena, MT

SPC F Tapia Stryker Ft Lewis, WA

SSG W Swellentrop  Stryker  Anchorage, AK

PFC J Mercado  Stryker  Dallas, TX

SPC L Reyes  Stryker  Kansas City, KS

SGT E Keesler  A Co 1/23IN  Grayson, LA

SPC W Dowling  A Co 1/23 IN  Oakland, CA

Kirk Spitzer  CBS News  Paris, France

SGT R Knicely  III Corps  Austin, TX

  E Warda

MAJ M Lefebvre  III Corps Arty  Westfield, MA

CPT M Chitty  III Corps C3  Nolanville, TX

LTC Nettles  MNC-C3IO  College Station, TX

SPC T Bundy  III Corps Arty  Ft Sill, OK

MAJ K Mulvihill  MNCI C4  Ft Hood, TX

SSG Law  III Corps Arty 

SGT Nelson  III Corps C2  Ft Hood, TX

CPT Ramirez  III Corps C2  Ft Hood, TX

MSG L Collier  FET-15  Illinois

LTC L Dell'Orco  FET-15  St Louis, MO

SFC E Jackson  FET-15  Camdenton, MO

CW2 R Oswald  C Co 1-106th AVN  St Charles, MO

CPT L Oswald  FET-15  St Charles, MO

MAJ B Heyse  FET-15  St Louis, MO

RADM G Slavonic  MNF-I  Olahoma City, OK

Dr. R Yeygelen  IRMO  Letrecht, Holland

COL J Torres  MNF-I  Pensacola, FL

Capt J Gilliland  MNF-I Det Ops  Memphis, TN

SGT R Cadden  Co A 111th Sig  Abbeville, SC

A Sweeney  Chicago Sun Times  Chicago, IL

J Sall  Chicago Sun Times  Chicago, IL

The HonorableWally Herger  Chico, CA

SSG T Rawls  HHD 299th FSB  Schweinfurt, GE

COL P Blendonohy  106th AVN  Chicago, IL

SFC P Buker  81st BCT  Anacortes, WA

J Wong  SSI-Iraq  Baghdad

R Lackey  SSI-Iraq  Baghdad

J Kennedy  EODT  Kingston, TN

G Sanders  L-3  League City, TX

SSG D Vinetti  MNF-I  MO

C Garrett and E Roberts  484th MCB  Puerto Rico and Phoenix, AZ

1LT M Girtman  106th AVN  IL

CPT J Flood  385th Trans  HighPoint, NC

Back by popular demand again for another year, only the finest of America's finest here on the DesertPhotoSgt Lovers' page.

COL T Mickevicius  NGB  Ann Arbor, MI

MG J Comstock  USCENTCOM  San Diego, CA

CDR D Barnes  MNF-I  Orlando, FL

CPT J Burkhart  CMATT  Rochester, NY

MAJ G Morrison  MNSTL-I  Colorado Springs, CO

COL R Fink  CMATT  Ft Monmouth, NJ

Martin Smith  Frontline  New York, NY

Marcela Gaviria  Frontline  New York, NY

SGT M McCared  CMATT  St. Mabis, MD

MG Kamal  IQAF  Baghdad

MAJ E Brown  443 CA BN  Chicago, IL

SSG J Sowers  443 CA BN  Columbus, OH

SRA K Strick  USAFE AMOCC  Akron, OH

LTC J Rafert  MWHS-2  Raleigh, NC

MAJ H Bodine  CIOC  Windermere,FL

MAJ E Lachance  MNFI  Ft Bragg, NC

Charlie Daniels

MAJ B Wills  LOGCAD  Ft Belvoir, VA

COL J Wilcox  106th SIG  Arifjan, Kuwait

SPC J Sorrenti  54th SIG BN  SCANG

LTC D Kite  54th SIG BN  Lake Ridge, VA

2LT A Isaacson  326 ASG  Kansas City, KS

MAJ D Tonno  HQJTF633  Townsville, Australia

WO2 V Northover  HQJTF633  Townsville, Australia

SSG B Holzmark  917th CSG  Olathe, KS

SGT G Lare  HHC 46th CSG  Greenville, NC

SFC G Dayaprema  HHC 46th CSG  Ft. Bragg, NC

LTC D Walburn  REF  Ft. Belvoir, VA

SSG D Andino  REF  Tulsa, OK

SFC B Pierre  MNF-I  Brooklyn, NY

CPT Scott  18th AVN BDE

SSG F Rebenson   51st SIG  Phiadelphia, PA


My appologies to those that have been waiting and checking.  I have fallen a bit behind in keeping this updated but I will continue to do the best I can.  Thanks for your patience. Your comments are most welcome.  tpullin@tpullin.com

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